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Yutong wins two awards at Busworld

Yutong has received an extra boost at Busworld, bringing home two awards for a major model

Major international bus and coach manufacturer Yutong has received a boost while at Busworld in Brussels, Belgium, receiving two awards.

The Yutong booth received the Label of Excellence ECOLOGY award as well as the Label of Excellence DESIGN award for its T15E model.

The Yutong T15E was the only battery electric coach to win awards from Busworld.

This award wasn’t the only big win for Yutong, who also released its YEA electric bus technology at the Busworld Europe Brussels press conference.

Yutong says YEA technology is the first electric vehicle specific platform that integrates software and hardware in the commercial vehicle industry.

The brand says it is bringing new technological revolutions and value upgrades through these releases.

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