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BREAKING: NSW SOUTH COAST operator Premier Transport Group is the first in Australia to trial Yutong’s new electric bus for six months, as part of a NSW commitment to a minimum 10 per cent of new government fleet vehicles being electric or hybrid from 2020/21, as announced today.

Ensuring the ongoing transition towards cleaner, quieter transport, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance and Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey today announced the NSW Government’s Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Plan.

“This commitment means NSW will have the largest government fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles in Australia,” Minister Constance said.

“It sends a clear signal of confidence to electric vehicle manufacturers and local consumers will also benefit by greater access to a wider choice of affordable electric vehicles in the future.”

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Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey said the NSW Government will also increase the availability of electric vehicle charging points for drivers.

“$3 million will be co-invested in fast-charging points on major regional corridors, such as the Newell, Great Western, Barrier, New England, Pacific and Princes Highways and the Hume Motorway, and $2 million for new charging points in commuter car parks,” Minister Pavey said.

“We will soon commence market soundings for charging points to ensure we get the best value for money and identify to right locations by co-investing with the private sector.”

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An important part of the plan is to foster the development of electric bus services, with a number of trials to begin shortly, led by the private bus industry and government, including a new market sounding announced today.

“Electric vehicles are here, they are cheaper to fuel and maintain, but we need to keep developing the network and charging infrastructure to further drive their uptake,” Constance said.

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“Working with Australian tech company Evenergi, we will also launch a new platform mid-2019 that will provide customer information to help buyers of electric vehicles choose wisely and locate charging points across NSW.”

Forecasts predict strong growth in electric vehicle sales across Australia and NSW.

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“We already see industry taking the lead and investing in charging infrastructure along highways, in shopping centres and apartment buildings,” Pavey said.

“We want to complement that, and work with our industry partners to super charge Electric Vehicle update and demonstrate NSW’s strengths in transport innovation and technology.”

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The NSW Government has also released its five-year plan for connected and automated vehicles today.

Vehicles in future will not only be electric but automated, so it makes sense to combine the two to provide safer, more affordable and convenient transport options.

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The Connected and Automated Vehicles Plan supports NSW’s Future Transport 2056 long-term strategy.

It includes greater use of Advanced Driver Assist Systems to reduce crashes, and scaling up trials of automated passenger and freight services, including the NSW Smart Shuttle trial at the Sydney Olympic Park with a $10 million fund.


A spokesperson for the Premier Transport Group, Greg Abel, explained exclusively to ABC magazine that: “The electric bus will operate on route 737 between Bomaderry rail and Kiama station Monday to Friday.”

“The intent of the electric bus trial is to obtain data in regards to all aspects of operations pertaining to Australian conditions to enable  the relevant parties to evaluate and assess numerous issues from cost to future needs and direction.

“Premier Transport wish to thank Yutong, Yutong Australia and Yutong Care for assisting with the provision of the electric bus and technical staff, without which this trial would not be possible.”

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Photography: Matt Threlkeld

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