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Width and mass rules limiting electric transition in EVC report

The Electric Vehicle Council report supports the view that more must be done to prepare infrastructure and energy generation for the zero-emissions bus transition

The recently released State of Electric Vehicles report from the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) has found that restrictive mass and width rules and a lack of vehicle standards means the transition to electric buses is behind what it should be.

The report finds that many operators are working towards a bus fleet made up of electric models, yet many have significant concerns about the ambitious state targets for bus fleet electrification without the sufficient infrastructure.

Much like in the electric car sector, the report suggests that the infrastructure isn’t ready for a transition to electric buses.

This infrastructure worry also extends to power generation and distribution networks to fuel the nation’s bus fleets.

In response, federal transport minister Catherine King says the government is working on a range of reforms including a draft fuel efficiency standard set to be released by the end of this year.

King says this standard will encourage more fuel-efficient internal combustion engines as well as low and zero-emissions vehicles.

Finally, King has also confirmed that the government is reviewing a series of amendments to current width and mass requirements for electric truck and buses.

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