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Wellington bus tunnel reopens after branch incident

A Wellington bus tunnel has been reopened after falling branches struck a bus on Tuesday

The Wellington City Council has confirmed that the city’s Mt Victoria bus tunnel has officially reopened after falling branches caused an incident earlier this week.

On Tuesday the falling branches damaged a bus and resulted in the tunnel’s closure.

City Council spokesperson Richard MacLean says the tunnel has since reopened and services in the Wellington area have returned to normal.

“Our arborists have done a bit of tree trimming but it’s not obvious that any pre-existing parts of trees had come down in the area,” MacLean says.

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Suspicions still remain that branches may have been thrown down from above.

Fortunately no one was injured when the bus was struck and damaged by the branches at the Pirie Street entrance to the tunnel.

Affected bus routes at the time were the AX, 2, 12e, 30x, 31x and 36.

After being diverted via the Mt Victoria traffic tunnel, bus commuters in Wellington can now travel normally on the service.

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