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Webasto expands to become HVAC specialists

Well known for its range of solutions, Webasto also has a suite of HVAC products ready to keep local buses and coaches at the ideal temperature

Heating and air-conditioning has become a crucial part of bus and coach operations in Australian conditions. To guarantee a safe and comfortable journey in challenging climate conditions, Webasto is one company ensuring buses are ready to operate right from the start with the perfect temperature onboard.

“Webasto is your reliable solution provider when it comes to conventional and electric heating and cooling systems for buses,” Webasto says.

“With a broad product portfolio ranging from standard auxiliary heaters to complete and customised climate solutions, via air-conditions systems, as well as a wide range of accessories, Webasto can equip buses of all sizes and offers with customised solutions for any application.”

The components on Webasto systems all come from a single source and are matched to complement each other.

Webasto air-conditioners offer a cooling capacity up to 36 kW, with bus rooftop air-conditioning solutions allowing for ideal comfort levels.

“A rooftop air-conditioning system is very economical in terms of power consumption and is also simple to maintain,” Webasto says.

“It can also be painted to match the colour of the vehicle.”

Webasto’s product range also extends to minibuses, with integrated climate systems providing a versatile option to create a pleasant climate for drivers and passengers. With a cooling capacity up to 16 kW and high efficiency, the systems can be installed under the dashboard or beneath the roof, as well as vertically in the rear wall, to provide an integrated climate solution that can include a heating function.

From an aftersales perspective, Webasto then provides assistance and advice for any queries or challenges that customers may have when it comes to heating and cooling.

Webasto says its range of air heaters are an ideal solution for rapid heating in interior climates.

“An air heater raises the passenger compartment to the ideal temperature and heat is available almost as soon as the unit is turned on,” Webasto says.

“Whether it’s during particularly cold weather or even in high-altitude mountainous areas, a Webasto air heater ensures rapid and continuous heat with low electricity and fuel consumption.”

Finally, Webasto also offers a range of water heaters in the Thermo Top Pro 120 and the Thermo Top Pro 150 for parking and auxiliary heaters.

Webasto says both models are suitable for heating hybrid buses, with low life cycle costs and easy maintenance allowing it to be available in both 12 or 24 V versions with 12 or 15 kW heating capacities.

For electric buses, Webasto’s high voltage heater (HVH) offers convenience and safety, with the HVH 100 designed for on-board voltages of up to 800 volts. At a very light weight of 2.7kg, its heating capacity is infinitely variable from 0.2 to 10kW.

As a systems provider, Webasto says it is prepared with any and every application when it comes to HVAC.

Whether operators want to upgrade their fleet by retrofitting it with heating or air-conditioning technology or by outfitting a small series of vehicles, Webasto has products ready to supply.

“No matter what, we’ll attend to your individual requirements and provide high quality products and services,” Webasto says.

“All Webasto products come with a two-year warranty. In our development departments we put our experience into working on heating and air-conditioning solutions from design concept to testing and validation all the way to production and installation.”

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