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WA Wonder takes home ABC Best Bus June

The June winner of ABC’s Best Bus is a stunning dawn shot of an Irizar Go West coach in the Western Australian sun

From freezing snow to the most barren of outback suns, ABC’s Best Bus, sponsored by VDI Australia, has featured buses and coaches in a range of conditions. None have been as unique as the June winning photo’s, courtesy of Geoff Mead.

The June winner of Best Bus is one of many shots that Mead sent ABC following a recent relocation for Irizar of a Volvo/Irizar coach for WA operator Go West.

In another busy month of photo entries for Best Bus, some finalists stood out in the pack. Grant Sage submitted two wonderful photos of Harley’s Mercedes-Benz coaches out in front of the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Park, while notorious finalist Marcus Oaten sent through another great photo of one of his fleet up on picturesque hills.

Michael from Southside Bus also sent through some beauties of buses and coaches around some unique Australian landmarks.

These finalists were all wonderful, but Mead’s photo was a clear winner. While he submitted various other great shots of the Volvo B8R/Irizar i6 out in WA, the sunset shot of the coach was a striking winner.

“I was out in Western Australia doing a relocation for Irizar and operator Go West when I took these photos,” Mead told ABC.

For his win, Mead received a free 12-month subscription to ABC Magazine, while the winning photo is live as ABC’s Facebook page cover photo for all of June.

If you want to be like Mead and have your best photo shown off courtesy of Best Bus, brought to you by VDI Australia, then don’t forget to send through your photos for July and the rest of 2024 via our website or by keeping an eye on our Facebook page for more details.

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