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Despite a deep catalogue of chassis, Volvo Bus Australia has a new product ready to sell down under. The B13R Euro 6 model will finish bodybuild and expect its first delivery to customers in 2023. It’s already on sale for Australian customers to order.

“It’s designed for long distance charter work due to its bigger motor,” Fryer told ABC. “It has 500hp to give it a bit more grunt. Despite this increase in hp, it has reduced fuel usage by about nine per cent.

“We also reduced tailpipe emissions. The new electric system gives us more scope to use telematics to see different functions in the vehicle,” Peden told ABC.

Volvo Bus Australia will focus on the roll-out of the B13R chassis while also continuing to promote its BZL Electric model. There’s only a few on the road currently, however Volvo is certain it will ensure the lengthy research and development phase that went into the model will come to fruition in a busy 2023.

“We’re really excited about the BZL Electric deliveries in 2023,” Peden says. “Having zero-emissions transport is exciting for all of us in Australia – it will be excellent to finally see the product in operation with many Volvo customers around the country.

“The B13R will be brilliant, and we’re so keen to see volume deliveries of our electric bus arriving for our valued customers.”

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