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Volgren has numerous new body options ready to launch in 2023, starting with its Optimus product. The bodybuilder is primed to launch a hydrogen version of the model by the middle of 2023 to match the recently released battery electric product.

Volgren will launch the new body options with different global OEMs. It all makes for an exciting year ahead for the bodybuilder.

“We have been heavily investing in project development and will soon have many other product options to offer,” Tessari told ABC. “This will join all of the work being done in the battery electric field, while we’re very close to launching our hydrogen body option with Wrightbus in the UK.”

This exciting technology stems from Volgren’s parent company. Tessari says the Australian bodybuilder is also looking to bring a new Brazilian product down under to showcase the best of global zero-emissions bus and coach models. Volgren will ensure it maintains its high standards it is renowned for in Australia while introducing the latest bodies.

“Volgren is also working closely with Marcopolo Brazil to bring the latest coach bus technology, the Marcopolo G8, into Australia during 2023,” Tessari says. “The industry can still expect Volgren to provide innovation, flexibility and quality in our new technology.”

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