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Viva Energy leader named a finalist of Women in Industry award

Viva Energy’s Sandra Lau is in the running to win a prestigious Women in Industry award for her work as an Industry Advocate

Ahead of the upcoming Women in Industry awards that seeks to shine a light on the best women across multiple industries in Australia, a Viva Energy leader has been named a finalist for the prestigious Industry Advocate award.

Viva Energy head of hydrogen and EVs Sandra Lau is one of seven finalists named for the Industry Advocacy award for her work in supporting Viva’s latest transport projects, such as the Geelong hydrogen hub that Viva Energy has been planning.

Upon being named a finalist, Lau told ABC she is excited to be recognised at the Women in Industry awards.

“I’m delighted to be a finalist in the Women in Industry 2023 Awards as an Industry Advocate,” Lau told ABC.

“In my role as Viva Energy’s head of hydrogen and EVs, I’ve always said that one company alone can’t help our society achieve our decarbonisation goals, rather we all need to move together.

“This is why I’ve made relationships, informing others and the sharing of information such a key part of how I approach the role.”

Lau has been an integral part of Viva Energy and Australia’s greater transition to a lower carbon transport future by implementing strategies to reduce emissions and promote renewable resources.

“I’ve been able to bring this concept to life; we have created an ecosystem where not only is Viva Energy on the hydrogen journey, but we’re doing it hand-in-hand with our commercial customers and government agencies,” she says.

“We did that by establishing partnerships with the operators of some of the biggest fleets of heavy vehicles and acting as liaison between industry and government.

“This approach, and the critical relationships that have formed, have been central to our success in making Viva Energy’s hydrogen mobility dream a reality.”

The awards night, where finalist Lau is in the running to win the Industry Advocacy Award, will be held on Thursday, June 8 at Melbourne’s Aerial on South Wharf.

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