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Video: Wrightbus Streetlite engine

The Wrightbus Streetlite midi bus has a new generation Mercedes-Benz four-cylinder 5.0-litre engine on board.

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The Streetlite boasts Euro 6 emissions control and a power rating choice of 208hp (153kW) or 230hp (170kW).

For the aficionados, Mercedes says these powerplants are “state-of-the-art four-valve engines with two overhead camshafts and adjustable exhaust valve timing”.

“These extremely responsive Euro VI engines consume significantly less fuel, despite particulate and NOx emissions that have been reduced by 90 per cent compared with Euro V, whilst also benefiting from longer service intervals.”

Emission-reducing duties are performed by a combination of selective catalytic reduction (SCR), cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a closed-loop particulate filter.

“The use of sophisticated BlueTec 6 exhaust treatment technology has led to a 50 per cent reduction in AdBlue consumption compared with the engine’s Euro V predecessors,” Benz claims.

The unit ABC drove had the 208hp version of the Daimler donk with 850Nm of torque, which felt like it was just enough.

You can watch the full video review here.

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