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VIDEO: MAN-Gemilang A95 interior

Whether it’s the nature of the engine or if it's to do with the body, the MAN-Gemilang A95 double decker bus is remarkably quiet, both on the inside and outside.

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There’s some fairly prominent turbo whistle, but it’s not intrusive and actually adds to the impression of power.

The only significant noise on either deck is the air-conditioning fans, which are in a bank right up the back of the top level. That’s because they obviously can’t be placed on the roof. With the air-con off, it’s extremely quiet up top.

There were a few minor little squeaks and rattles but Gemilang says they will be fixed after a month’s running. We had the privilege of one of the first drives of this bus.

The seats are made in Malaysia by Vogel Industries at a factory near the Gemilang plant in Johor, just across from Singapore. They’re comfortable and, of course, the view from the front row of seats on the top deck is spectacular.

Walking up to the top deck is pretty easy on the single set of stairs.

You can watch the full video review here.

Video: Barry Ashenhurst

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