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VIDEO: MAN-Gemilang A95 engine

The MAN-Gemilang A95 double decker bus has a powerful engine and accelerates well from a standing start with no apparent turbo lag and packs plenty of power to get up steep hills.

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The A95 has MAN’s proven D20 six-cylinder, 10.5-litre engine. This particular one is laying on its side and has the version putting out 320 horsepower (235kW) and 1600 newton metres (Nm) of torque, which we found to be plenty – albeit minus the 100 passengers which can be on-board.

But if you want a bit more grunt and don’t mind using a bit more fuel, you could opt for the 360hp (265kW) version with 1800Nm.

We quickly got up to the road-works speed limit of 80 kilometres an hour, and it was clear that this bus would have no trouble reaching its likely general limit of 90 km/h.

Stopping power was just as impressive using the all-wheel disc brakes, which have self-adjusting calipers and pad wear sensors. The brakes are well supplemented by the three-stage transmission retarder operated via the brake pedal.

That transmission is ZF’s 6-speed fully automatic ‘Ecolife’, and it matches the engine well.

You wouldn’t need it normally, but for extra reassurance there is a two-second hill start assist function to stop you rolling back at lights.

Manoeuvrability is good thanks to the relatively short wheelbase and steerable tag axle.

The Thoreb multiplexing unit has a screen for the driver which, amongst many other things, shows which doors are open and closed; and displays the field of the reversing camera.

Operators and mechanics are going to like the extended 60,000-kilometre service intervals.

You can watch the full video review here.

Video: Barry Ashenhurst

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