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Ventura’s new LED communication system makes for safer bus boarding

The latest boarding communication system from Ventura Systems has a simple red and green light indication to keep doorways safe onboard Australasian buses

In the fast-paced world of urban transportation, ensuring passenger safety and efficient boarding processes are paramount. One critical aspect is the clear communication of a bus door’s operational status – in other words, are they opening or closing?

The biggest safety risk for passengers occurs during boarding and alighting, especially when passengers attempt to enter at the last second or exit immediately. To prevent injuries caused by door obstructions, most door systems are equipped with a sensitive edge—a touch-sensitive sensor strip installed in the rubber of the door leaf. When a contact occurs, the door control unit detects the signal through this strip and reverses the door’s movement.

However, relying on touch as a safety measure is not ideal, as the aim is to avoid any contact that could cause harm. This was underlined by the need to protect the more vulnerable passengers and to improve the comfort of all passengers.

Recognising this need, Ventura Systems has developed a solution in its LED passenger communication system that integrates into its innovative door systems. The LED strip integrated into the leading edge is visible on the outside of the door leaf and communicates the operating status of the door. It lights up green when it is safe to enter and flashes red when passengers should not enter the doors.

Image: Ventura Systems

In addition, when the bus is stationary at the bus stop with the doors closed, the LED lights indicate whether it is possible to open the doors. The LED lights indicate the operating status of the door system, which is controlled by the driver. It lights up green if the door is authorised and can be opened by pressing a button, or red if access is not possible. This removes the uncertainty of whether a bus is available for passengers when the doors are closed – for example, to prevent cooled air from leaving the vehicle.

This clear communication system improves safety and prevents passenger obstruction by providing unmistakable signals: red for “do not enter” and green for “please enter”. People instinctively understand red as a warning and green as safe, prompting their subconscious to act accordingly. This reduces last-minute attempts to enter or exit, minimising the risk of passengers being hit by the door leaves.

Image: Ventura Systems

Applicable to all door systems, this communication system is fully integrated into the door leaf without any mechanical interfaces to the vehicle. It is controlled by Ventura’s in-house developed door control unit, which is hardwired to the LED strips. Additionally, the system features daytime and nighttime modes to prevent over-illumination at night, ensuring optimal visibility and safety at all times.

Ventura Systems will showcase this visual communication system on its booth at the National Bus & Coach show on September 17-18 in Brisbane. Make sure to visit Ventura Systems for more explanation and a demonstration.

Oslo: LED boarding communication system in action – Ventura Systems from Ventura Systems C.V. on Vimeo.

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