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As part of Yutong Australia’s low-emissions transition, 2023 will be filled with new updates and models. Riccardi says VDI Australia has started already with a new Euro 6 version of the C12 range. The release of the C12 Euro 6 model is already planned for early next year.

Alongside the C12 release is the upcoming electric model of the smaller D7 bus.

“Both the new electric version of the D7 and the C12 Euro 6 range will be an exciting way to start 2023,” Riccardi told ABC. “They’re the future products for the company and we’re planning around them as we move forward.”

Following these releases, VDI Australia is also set to unveil a new Euro 6 range that includes both 12m and 10m bus options for the local market. These will vary between a 57 and 43-seat capacity to continue providing the versatility that Yutong prides itself on.

Riccardi says this line-up of future models alludes to an exciting time for Yutong and VDI Australia as it pushes towards zero-emissions.

“Throughout all of these plans, we are still providing the same that we always do,” Riccardi says. “This means we will be providing a quality product that is reliable, performs well and has the aftersales support that we are renowned for.”

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