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Valeo offers one-stop shop of HVAC products for local market

Valeo’s growing HVAC products range from the latest electric air-conditioning models to a variety of pumps, compressors and heaters

Valeo’s range of crucial HVAC components have grown to become a true one-stop shop for local bus and coach operators. Its suite of HVAC products include its A/C units, the TM range of compressors, its boost pumps, diesel and electric heaters and driver demisters.

In Australia, Valeo’s popular A/C models include the CC355 unit for diesel applications and the REVO®-E Global electric variation. Valeo says these two models being supplied in Australia both come equipped with brushless blowers and fans, yet the focus of Valeo worldwide and in Australia is on its electrification journey and zero-emissions A/C products.

“Valeo has upgraded its software in both the electric and diesel A/C applications to align with the likes of Transport for NSW and other tender requirements,” Valeo Australia general manager Paul Williams told ABC.

In the electric sphere, the REVO®-E Global involves Valeo’s emphasis on lightweight construction, performance and simple installation in the design process. In addition, the electric A/C units are fitted with heat pump technology, while customers also have the option to include PTC heating and battery cooling.

The REVO®-E Global has been a hallmark of Valeo’s product range since the company entered Australia 10 years ago, when it was known as Spheros. More than 200 REVO®-E Global have been sold into NZ, while in Australia the unit has also featured on BLK Auto and Global Bus Ventures’ first hydrogen bus models.

The model goes on the roof of a bus, with operators just needing to connect high-voltage cables and plug it into a bus’ CAN system before beginning a service.

Another main feature of the Valeo range is the TM compressor, which, according to Valeo, has built a solid reputation in the diesel drive realm.

“Known for its durability and optimal size, it has become the preferred choice for numerous operators and chassis suppliers,” Williams says.

Image: Valeo

Outside of compressors and its REVO®-E Global, Valeo also manufactures pumps ready to use alongside HVAC systems in the form of its SPump products. The new versions of the SPump come with PWM and CAN, featuring variable speed control, energy reductions and reduced noise emissions to deliver the performance required for electric powered vehicles.

Williams says the SPump S120 and S200 are the lightest weight and most compact circulation pumps of their kind within the product family. The 500W variant provides an extended ambient temperature range of up to 95 degrees Celsius to make the SPump an ideal water pump solution.

Alongside its compressors and A/C models, Valeo has a long history of designing and manufacturing coolant pre heaters to the market in both diesel and electric versions. The Thermo HV is at the front of this line-up, providing a future solution for plug-in and electric powered buses. The device can ensure a constantly high heat output of 12kW and has a flexible use in a power range of 600 to 875 Volts.

Furthermore, Valeo also has a range of driver demisters and other features available to go alongside its HVAC products. Alongside this, Valeo Australia will continue prioritising its comprehensive service network that can be accessed via its website, with its local technical staff also available to support customers.

“Valeo is committed to developing solutions for greener mobility and to become a world leader in technologies to reduce CO2 emissions while improving the comfort onboard for buses and coaches,” Williams says.

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