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Union calls ACT electric bus procurement a missed opportunity

The AMWU says the ACT government must focus on local content for the rest of the electric bus order

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union NSW & ACT Branch (AMWU) has labelled the ACT government’s decision to procure electric buses a missed opportunity.

The AMWU says the government should ensure that Australian companies are prioritised in the procurement process that is underway currently for 90 electric buses.

The 12 electric buses already in service were built by manufacturer Yutong and supplied by Yutong’s Australian distributors VDI. The AMWU says there has been no word from the ACT government on prioritising Australian suppliers or manufacturers for the additional 90 buses.

The AMWU and the Rail, Tram and Bus Union’s ‘Build Them Here’ campaign calls on the NSW government to end the offshoring of public transport builds and commit to building trains, buses, ferries and trams locally.

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Following the state election, the AMWU says NSW now has a government that is committed to local transport manufacturing.

It says it’s hopeful that the ACT can follow NSW’s lead and commit to local procurement where possible.

“Government contracts can provide certainty for industry, encouraging investment and job creation. The AMWU is calling on the ACT government to seize all opportunities to prioritise Australian content on its contracts. If buses can’t be made in the ACT, then NSW manufacturers should be looked at,” AMWU NSW & ACT state secretary Cory Wright says.

“The AMWU wants all states and territories to get smarter about the procurement of our public transport infrastructure. If we plan out purchases on a national level and coordinate effectively, we could have a thriving transport manufacturing sector.

“In NSW, we’ve seen countless issues with offshored public transport builds. Building our trains, buses, ferries, and trams in Australia ensures commuters get a safe, quality product while creating local jobs.”

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