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Translink launches new on demand service in Hervey Bay

Translink has announced its new on-demand bus is in service in Hervey Bay and its surrounds

Operator Translink has announced that a more flexible on-demand bus service is now running in Hervey Bay to make it easier for passengers to travel around.

From Monday February 20, the 714 Kan-go service changed to an on-demand service, meaning there have been key timetable changes.

Translink says its new on-demand service is a great public transport alternative for customers within parts of Point Vernon, Pialba and Hervey Bay who want to travel in their local area.

Translink says the on-demand transport service offers flexibility for passengers on when and where they want to travel, an expanded roam zone area, extended operating hours and Hervey Bay Hospital as a new key location.

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Passengers in the area can make a booking to travel from the roam zone to eight key locations across Hervey Bay.

The zone includes all of Point Vernon and parts of Pialba, including Stockland Shopping Centre, the university and the library.

Using the on-demand service, Translink says passengers can travel from anywhere in the roam zone or between two key locations.

The services operate between 7.30AM and 5.30PM from Monday to Saturday, with it not running on Sundays and public holidays.

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