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Transit Systems GM appointed to transport planning committee

Transit Systems CEO Michael McGee describes Smith as the “ideal candidate” for the committee

Transit Systems general manager of people and culture Tanya Smith has been announced as an inaugural member of the Strategic Workforce Planning Committee for the transport and logistics industry.

Joining a leading group of industry experts, Smith will work with the committee to be a driving force in the development of the national Workforce Plan according to Industry Skills Australia, an organisation committed to developing a skilled workforce with better jobs, increased productivity and opportunities.

Industry Skills Australia, as the new Jobs and Skills Council for the nation’s Transport and Logistics sectors, will be bringing together business leaders, unions, governments, industry organisations and training providers to understand the real issues and collaborate on high impact solutions.

Transit Systems CEO Michael McGee congratulated Smith on the appointment, adding that her career has been dedicated to people, culture, safety, diversity and inclusion, making her an ideal candidate on the committee.

“It is an exciting time to work in public transport, with innovation and rapidly emerging and changing behaviours with not just customers but also with our workforce and industry,” McGee says.

“We are excited to see Tanya on the committee to share and collaborate, identifying the industry’s challenges and creating solutions with meaningful outcomes.

“Tanya has an extensive career in transport and logistics, and we know it will ultimately be the industry and workforce that will be a benefactor from her experience in this role.”

Smith says she will leverage her industry experience to drive better outcomes for the transport and logistics workforce.

“As an experienced and strategic executive leader, I look forward to robust conversations about what is practically possible as we address emerging trends with an analytical approach, enhancing real world outcomes that will create a positive legacy for our workforce,” she says.

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