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Transit Systems celebrates 15 years’ service for flourishing driver

Operator Transit Systems has celebrated a popular bus driver for reaching his 15 year milestone behind the wheel

With a background in baking, Joseph Fenix was never afraid of an early start.

This has been a benefit over the past 15 years, where Fenix has been up bright and early behind the wheel of his morning bus service.

Before joining Transit Systems, Fenix’s career path was diverse, even owning a bakery back in the Philippines, but he had a desire for more adventure and interaction.

Fenix says he enjoys the freedom of being on the move and exploring new places every day.

“From driving along Seaview Road in Henley Beach with the fresh sea breeze to the picturesque hills of Bel Air Road, I cherish the unique experiences of my role,” he says.

He’s now celebrating 15 years of service as a driver for Transit Systems.

One of Fenix’s favourite aspects of the job is meeting people from various backgrounds.

“I really enjoy using languages I’ve learned throughout my life, such as Tagalog and Mandarin, to connect with passengers and I also find fulfilment in assisting elderly passengers,” he says.

Fenix has embraced a well-deserved work-life balance, working three to four days a week. During his free time, he values spending time with friends and neighbours while also helping out the community.

Fenix also opened up about being a single father and raising his son and daughter after the passing of his wife. Both of his children have achieved success in their respective fields, which fills him with immense pride and joy.

Offering advice to new drivers, Fenix emphasised the importance of preparation and encourages new workers to familiarise themselves with routes and seek assistance from coordinators when needed.

Fenix says a successful bus driver needs patience, flexibility, adaptability and compassion for others.

He considers his 15-year tenure with the company to be a significant career highlight and Torrens Transit managing director Andrew Jenkinson agrees.

“The qualities he lists have not only seen him excel in his role but have also earned him the admiration of his colleagues and passengers alike. We are grateful for the dedication he has shown throughout the years,” Jenkinson says.

“His commitment and loyalty have made him an inspiration to all of us, proving that dedication can lead to a fulfilling and long-lasting career.

“I personally commend and thank Joseph for his service and for being a role-model to the industry.

“I am sure the hundreds of thousands of passengers that have been on board a bus Joseph has driven would join me in thanking him for his commitment to safety and reliability.”

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