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Transdev launches environmental dashboard for emissions fleet data

Transdev has launched a new emissions fleet tracking system that is already set to revolutionise bus performance in certain Australian cities

Global operator Transdev has launched an environmental dashboard that automates the collection of real-time transport fleet data from power use to diesel emissions.

Transdev says it is one of the few public transport operators using the software to help minimise its environmental footprint around Australia and New Zealand.

The dashboard measures the quantity of fossil fuels used (diesel, compressed natural gas, petrol and electricity) as well as water use across more than 2000 Transdev buses, trams and ferries in Sydney and buses in Perth and in Brisbane.

Transdev Safety and Assurance Chief Huw Bridges says the dashboard monitored greenhouse gas emissions from Transdev operations and the impact of various initiatives to reduce those emissions. 

Bridges says the dashboard is part of Transdev’s commitment to cut carbon emissions intensity by 30 per cent by 2030.

“As Europe’s leading zero emission transport operator, we have similar aspirations for our Australian operations,” Bridges says.

“This system, a first for Transdev globally, is improving our ability to deliver against the sustainability targets of our government clients and our global business. Not only does it give an accurate picture of our emissions but it shows the impact of specific initiatives as they are rolled out.  

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“From smarter technology like this dashboard, smarter depots to cleaner zero emission vehicles, Transdev is moving greener to have a positive impact on the climate.”

Bridges says the software gives Transdev operations and depots more clarity and power to visualise and reduce diesel, electricity and water use.

“With a clearer view of our energy use we can be more efficient and reduce our overall carbon footprint,” Bridges says.

“The system collects real-time data where possible thus minimising resources required and increased accuracy for improved reporting to clients, the Australian Clean Energy Regulator and to the Transdev Group.”

Bridges says Transdev Australia and New Zealand are leading the way for the broader Transdev global group in this area.

The system will also track the diversion rate of waste generated from its facilities and public transport networks from landfill to recycling. 

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