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Torrens Transit gives students a hydrogen bus lesson

Local Adelaide school students were recently treated to a special excursion to Torrens Transit’s hydrogen bus depot in Morphetville

South Australian based bus and coach operator Torrens Transit recently welcomed a group of Year 6 students from Pembroke Primary School to its Morphettville bus depot.

The operator says the event aimed to enlighten the next generation about innovative energy solutions by showcasing the cutting-edge hydrogen-powered buses and refuelling stations.

A Year 6 student at Pembroke Primary School expressed interest in visiting Torrens Transit’s Morphettville depot, where the new hydrogen buses are housed, as part of their research into sustainable fuels after discovering Torrens Transit’s hydrogen bus launch.

The exclusive event allowed the students to gain first-hand insights into the world of hydrogen-powered public transportation.

The presentation included a visual session by Nicholas Seaton, Torrens Transit’s Training Manager, who showcased the cutting-edge hydrogen buses and refuelling stations. Throughout the presentation, students had the chance to ask questions and delve deeper into the technology that is revolutionising the public transportation sector.

Pembroke School JS classroom teacher Ryan Van Den Brink says he and his students were enthusiastic to complete the educational experience.

“We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to expose our students to the future of sustainable transportation,” Van Den Brink says.

“It’s essential for our students to understand the importance of eco-friendly alternatives like hydrogen fuel cells. Torrens Transit has done a fantastic job in engaging our young learners.”

One of the excited Year 6 students, Blake, shared their thoughts on the experience.

“I never knew that buses could run on hydrogen! It was incredible to see how it all works and it was also so much fun being a passenger on the bus as well,” Blake says.

Torrens Transit HSEQ manager Kerry Sinfield says that its commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond its daily operations as a bus and coach company.

“We are dedicated to educating the next generation about innovative solutions like hydrogen fuel cells. It’s not just about transportation; it’s about shaping a cleaner, greener future for all,” Sinfield says.

The students were then escorted to the hydrogen refuelling compound, where they gained a first-hand understanding of how this clean energy is produced and stored.

To complete the experience, the students were treated to a short bus ride powered by hydrogen, during which they were informed of the numerous environmental benefits of using hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source in public buses.

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