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TMFleet pre-start and post-shift safety check making life easier for operators

The TMFleet system is making waves in the local bus and coach industry as operators realise the potential of the fleet management technology

For more than 20 years, Australian owned and developed software developer Brightfox has been developing software solutions for a range of areas, with transport being a key industry. Its recent product, TMFleet, is designed and developed for Australia’s transport industry, with bus and coach operators beginning to take on the solution.

“The TMFleet solution specialises in the basics of managing fleets, with a focus on safety,” TMFleet business development manager Kathy Smith told ABC.

Like any software, TMFleet has many moving parts and features to it. Safety is a primary pillar of the application, with its pre-start checklist being a unique feature for bus and coach operators.

The digital pre-start checklist allows operators using TMFleet to question drivers on all of the safety protocols required before and after the vehicle has been driven.

“TMFleet was designed with ease of use in mind, and drivers find it very straightforward to use,” Smith says.

Operators are able to create and store multiple pre-start checklists with various requirements for the start or end of a shift, based on the vehicle being driven.

“One of the main requests that operators have is to ensure that drivers are completing some basic end of shift safety checks, like walking to the back of the bus and checking that it’s empty before clocking off,” Smith says.

“There are a number of mechanical systems in the market that do this, but our technology does this very simply without requiring operators to buy hardware or outlay upfront costs.

“For the owner, it gives them a digital history of documented compliance that the driver has completed critical safety steps.”

One operator who has recently decided to implement TMFleet is charter company MIA Coaches. Based in Griffith, NSW, MIA Coaches decided about a month ago to sign up to TMFleet and simplify the safety processes onboard its buses.

“We decided to go with TMFleet because of two main features; the passenger check requirement and the bus rollaway protection,” MIA Coaches managing director Owen Brown told ABC.

“When drivers finish their shift, this system makes them go to the back of the bus and take a photo to ensure that they’ve checked the vehicle.

“It also provides a system to ensure drivers check that the handbrake is on before they get off the bus by taking a photo of the handbrake in the ‘on’ position.

“We liked the idea of having the pre-shift and post-shift checks uploaded onto the app to make it easy. This all gives us security, as I dread the day that someone is left on one of my buses or that a bus rolls away.”

With more than 100 buses in his fleet, Brown’s decision to introduce TMFleet will quickly have an impact on his operations. Smith says the solution is very affordable for operators of all sizes – if a business has 10 buses or less in its fleet, then the solution is completely free.

There’s no upfront costs, and the subscription to use TMFleet is tiered depending on the size of the business, allowing a variety of operators to remain compliant with safety regulations.

“The TMFleet subscription also provides an online portal for management, with all of the information you require at a glance, such as upcoming services and repairs and reminders for registration and compliance, all popping up on the dashboard,” Smith says.

With there being no set up cost for operators wanting to have the TMFleet solution, Smith says now is the time for businesses to switch to TMFleet and harness the power of a customisable fleet management solution.

It’s easy to schedule an online demonstration of how TMFleet works, by heading to or calling the TMFleet team at Brightfox on (07) 3177 0505.

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