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Tasmania unveils Macquarie Point transport precinct plan

The Tasmanian government has released its rapid bus transit plan for the Macquarie Point precinct

The Tasmanian state government has released its plan for the Macquarie Point centre in Hobart, including how its transport network will look in the area.

The draft plan unveiled via diagrams shows a mix of public and private transport to the newly proposed Macquarie Point stadium and the surrounding precinct that will house Tasmania’s first AFL team.

There will be no car parking made available, with a collection of rapid bus stops for rapid bus transit set to transport people to and from the new stadium.

These four rapid bus stops will link to a new pedestrian and bike bridge connecting Collins Street to the Macquarie Point area.

The Tasmanian government says these four stops will be built along the Tasman and Brooker highways, close to the ABC and the Baha’l Centre of Learning.

It’ll be able to access the stadium and area via a northern access road, with rapid bus transit proposed to transport people out of Macquarie Point and back to suburbs or Hobart’s CBD.

The access road is set to be the first part of the project built, with the complete stadium project having to be completed in 2028-29 or else it faces penalties from the AFL.

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