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TasBus announces fuel partnership to support local bus sector

TasBus has formed a strategic partnership with Australian regional fuel supplier Lowes Petroleum to benefit the Tasmanian bus and coach industry

In a move to benefit the Tasmanian sector, TasBus has joined forces with Lowes Petroleum. With more than 20 Lowes Petroleum sites across the state, Tasmania sales manager Adam Slizankiewicz says the alliance between TasBus and Lowes Petroleum is a perfect fit, with TasBus’ commitment to serve the interests of its members, particularly ensuring long term security and safe, reliable and efficient services meeting Lowes’ long history of ensuring reliable fuel and lubricants supply into Tasmania.

“Lowes Petroleum has come a long way since its humble beginnings with one truck and one driver in the small regional town of Boggabilla, NSW in 1977,” Slizankiewicz told ABC.

“Partnering with bp Australia in a long-term joint venture in 2015 means we have guaranteed terminal supply, which is reliably delivered by our expanded fleet and our depot terminal network throughout country Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and most recently into Tasmania in 2021.”

Slizankiewicz says Lowes rolled out its own delivery fleet and reopened depots in Tasmania, enabling the fuel supplier to provide end-to-end supply to its customers. It also took ownership of the transport side of operations from Toll, who previously held the delivery contract for bp, guaranteeing oversight and control of its supply to Lowes service stations and self-serve sites so that it can ensure its ability to maintain supply for TasBus members.

“It was a natural and planned next strategy, given we are arguably the largest locally-based supply and delivery experts in regional Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria,” Slizankiewicz says.

“We keep regional Australia moving. Our move to Tasmania provided much needed commercial support to local businesses as well as contributing to the state’s economy.

“In the fast-paced world of transportation, partnerships that foster efficiency cost savings and innovation are invaluable. We have a broad base of customers ranging from the primary producers to the industrial, mining, transport and retail sectors. Each year, we sell and deliver more than one billion litres of petroleum products to the regional and rural parts of Australia.”

The Tasmanian Bus Association (TasBus) began as the Tasmanian School Bus Association (TSBA) in 1947. Today, it is a trusted association respected locally and nationally through the passenger transport industry.

“Our team met with the TasBus executives to look at ways we could provide services that benefitted their members,” Slizankiewicz says.

“Obviously a big draw card was that we could supply bp fuel, which is always guaranteed quality.

“TasBus is committed to providing its members with discounts, so this strategic partnership has resulted in a competitive card offer available exclusively to the association’s members. This translates to substantial savings for bus operators, easing the financial burden while enabling them to maintain their essential services efficiently beyond the realm of regular retail fuelling.”

Slizankiewicz says this extends to bulk refuelling requirements. The pair’s partnership can effectively save both money and time that would otherwise be spent waiting at retail sites.

In addition, the TasBus and Lowes Petroleum partnership also brings with it a wealth of expertise in fuel installations to make life easier for Tasmanian bus operators.

“Members can access expert advice on optimising their fuel installations, a service that can lead to an enhanced operational efficiency and further cost savings,” Slizankiewicz says.

“This underlines Lowes Petroleum’s commitment to identifying and implementing solutions that directly benefits TasBus

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