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Sydney community welcomes third free electric bus to boost community services

The popular Baylink Shuttle, run by Billbergia and Punchbowl Bus Co, has received a third electric bus to continue growing the Sydney suburban fleet

Developer Billbergia is continuing to bolster connectivity in the Sydney suburb of Wentworth Point, with residents now receiving an extra zero-emissions bus to boost the popular Baylink Shuttle fleet to three full-size electric buses.

The new electric bus started its service this week, with the three buses helping Rhodes and Wentworth Point residents to move around town.

The three electric buses have the capacity to carry more than 24,000 passenger trips each week, with Billbergia also launching its new Bus Tracker app to allow residents to plan their commutes and monitor each shuttle in real time.

Fully funded by Billbergia, the Baylink Shuttle is proposed to be ongoing until the delivery of the Parramatta Light Rail in 2031 under a $70 million community infrastructure package offered to council by the developer for the last stage of its development at Wentworth Point.

The Baylink Shuttle service is operated for Billbergia by family transport operator Punchbowl Bus Co, allowing Punchbowl to continue its rich history, having provided local services to Sydney since 1947.

The Baylink Shuttle is free and operates from 6:30AM to 8PM every weekday. It connects the suburbs of Wentworth Point, Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf and Rhodes Station, two shopping centres, the library and community centre and the primary school, and the childcare centre.

To date it has carried out more than five million passenger trips since Billbergia commenced the service in January 2018.

Aside from providing a means of reliable public transport, Billbergia says electric buses create less noise and air pollution – delivering a combination of greater comfort, cleaner air and lower emissions than standard diesel buses.

The new electric bus is also expected to reduce the traffic and emissions caused by private vehicle use within the suburbs of Wentworth Point and Rhodes.

“Boosting the Baylink Shuttle service reflects our commitment to delivering vibrant and sustainable communities, and since its inception in 2018, the Baylink service has seen strong demand from residents,” Billbergia director Joseph Kinsella says.

“Creating communities means delivering the essential services and infrastructure that people need to thrive. Billbergia is committed not just to providing quality housing, but also to entire communities delivering on amenity, transport connectivity and innovation in sustainability.”

The Baylink Shuttle was introduced by Billbergia in January 2018 to assess community demand for a regular weekday public transport connection between Wentworth Point, Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf and Rhodes. With its ongoing operation, the bright green shuttles are now a regular sight in Wentworth Point’s daily life.

Under its proposed $70 million Voluntary Planning Agreement for Wentworth Point, Billbergia will continue to run the Baylink Shuttle until 2031 and also deliver 1.6ha of public parkland and open space, a multi-purpose indoor sports centre, childcare centres with 180 places and an activated waterfront promenade with restaurants and cafes.

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