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Swan Transit celebrates one year of running electric buses

One year in, Swan Transit is loving the introduction of its four electric Volvo buses

Perth’s Swan Transit, part of Australian multi-modal transport operator Transit Systems, is celebrating its four electric Volvo buses’ first anniversary since hitting the roads on February 28, 2022.

As an Australian first and manufactured in Melbourne, the electric buses have been operating across the Joondalup CAT network, north of Perth, carving out major milestones along the way.

Powered by lithium-ion batteries, Transit System says more than 140,500 km have been covered by the four electric buses, saving approximately 230 tonnes of CO2 – a cleaner and greener solution, with no greenhouse gas emissions.

The battery electric buses (BEBs) are charged by a high-voltage Electric Vehicle (EV) charging system which has allowed the Central Area Transit (CAT) electric buses to be recharged at the depot through the existing network as well as a 100kW solar power array connected to a large onsite battery storage system.

Swan Transit managing director Brian Thompson says 12 months on, the four BEBs have provided most of the free Joondalup CAT services carrying more than 250,000 customer journeys, kicking significant sustainable goals one kilometre at a time.

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“Our drivers have been singing the electric bus’s accolades, especially around road noise reduction, braking, acceleration and cornering,” Thompson says.

“From an ergonomics perspective, drivers are extremely complimentary, especially around driving position, controls and dash layout.

“The drivers have also had a bird’s eye perspective with a suite of positive passengers’ electric bus experience, especially around comfort.”

Transit Systems CEO Michael McGee says: “After one year in service, we are extremely proud to be working in partnership with the Western Australian government to offer greener services to our customers.”

“We have received great feedback from our customers and drivers on the new EVs in trial.”

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