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Survey says customers satisfied with North Brisbane zero-emissions bus network

A recent Keolis Downer survey has shown strong positive responses from the community for North Brisbane zero-emissions bus services

Operator Keolis Downer says a recent survey it conducted on behalf of Hornibrook Bus Lines says customers are satisfied with the introduction of zero-emissions buses within the North Lakes, Kallangur and Redcliffe regions.

The survey gathered responses from a diverse group of commuters and the wider community, highlighting the significant impact of the eco-friendly public transport solution.

Key findings from the survey included an 80 per cent customer satisfaction rate, with these people rating zero-emissions buses higher than conventional buses. Keolis Downer says this indicates a remarkable improvement in passenger experience and bus services.

Alongside this, 55 per cent of customers are motivated to increase their use of public transport, with more than half of the respondents acknowledging that the introduction of zero-emissions buses has motivated them to use public transport more frequently.

Keolis Downer says this result underscores the potential for zero-emissions transport to drive positive changes on commuter behaviour while also encouraging modal shift and reducing reliance on individual vehicles.

Also, 93 per cent of respondents says reducing environment impacts is the most crucial factor influencing their choice to support zero-emissions buses.

This indicates a growing awareness and commitment among commuters in the North Lakes, Kallagur and Redcliffe regions towards sustainable modes of transport.

Keolis Downer says the company is delighted with the positive feedback received from the community, with the introduction of zero-emissions buses also aligning with its commitment to provide environmentally friendly public transport solutions.

“We are thrilled to see such positive feedback from our customers,” Keolis Downer CEO Julien Dehornoy says.

“The survey results show that zero-emissions buses deliver a better customer experience and have the potential to encourage modal shift.

“Delivering better and more sustainable transport services to the local community is what motivates us every day and what inspires us to continue to drive the deployment of sustainable transport.”

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