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StyleRide widens seating range for Australian market

StyleRide’s leading seat models, from the Premier Protean to the Aquarius, offer a variety of options for Australia’s bus and coach operators

Whether it be the popular metro seating models it’s renowned for in the Australian bus and coach industry or its latest innovations, StyleRide is continuing to grow off the back of focused product development.

Heading into 2024, StyleRide’s seating range of products have continued to expand and offer increased flexibility to suit customer applications, with the Australian seating brand jam-packed with models to furnish the nation’s different types of buses and coaches.

StyleRide’s leading seat models start with the Urban Deluxe and Premier Protean range. These comfortable and durable product lines are suitable for all non-seat belted applications, such as metro bus services.

The Premier Protean is the progression of the Urban Deluxe, offering expanded passenger comfort with a wider seat position. With a stainless steel frame, compressible black urethane top and a selection of foam and seat width options available, the Protean and Urban seats focus on ensuring passenger comfort and safety.

Both seat models also have options available for hip restraints, stanchion clamps, mounting leg and cantilever variations for all body styles that can include combinations for five-across seating.

“The flexibility and adaptability of the Protean and Urban ranges has seen them specified both Australia wide and internationally as standard fitment for a multitude of fleet operators and bus manufacturers,” StyleRide Seating Systems national business development manager Simon Allen told ABC.

“The core advantage of the Premier Protean and Urban ranges, as with all of our seats, is that they’re built in Australia and we can offer support for it from the first day of delivery.”

Yet the Premier Protean is only one part of a diverse suite of bus and coach seating models. The Orion has been a longstanding member of StyleRide’s product range, becoming a popular part of Australian bus and coach fleets.

Developed around StyleRide’s investment in 3D modelling and computer aided manufacturing such as robotics, the Orion is an incredibly flexible model.

The Orion is available in various widths and can come as a single bench style cushion or as individual coach style cushions. With an attractive ergonomic design and inboard belt retractors, Allen says this non-reclining model provides outstanding value for money.

Magazine nets, foldaway armrests and a choice of headrest covers are only a snippet of options available to Orion customers, showcasing StyleRide’s versatility as a seating provider.

“We’re finding that the Orion is a very popular option due to its flexibility,” Allen says.

“A variation being offered is the School Guard. This allows operators to fit many more seat spaces onto a range of buses and coaches – some recent deliveries have provided for more than 80 passengers in a single vehicle.

“It’s a very adaptable and high quality seat – it’s become one of our most popular models.”

This dedication to utilising space and remaining efficient shines through with the Solutions 2-3 model. Designed to accommodate two passengers over 12 years old and three passengers under 12, the seat has been designed to meet the demands of new and replacement seat configurations.

Coming with easy-to-replace seat belt retractors and superior quality fire retardant foam, the clever design of the model focuses on comfort durability and maximising space.

“When being used for children under 12, it can increase the seating capacity of a bus by up to a third, making it very adaptable for charter and school vehicles,” Allen says.

“It’s relatively new to the market but has already found its niche within the industry.”

While there are plenty more seating models available, part of StyleRide’s evolving catalogue in the Aquarius has become a highlight for Australian operators. The Aquarius is all about passenger comfort, with Allen saying its high quality and ergonomic features make it a stand-out in the market.

“It is reclinable and a very good looking seat belted seat that comes in a range of variations,” Allen says.

“With different luxury types available for that model, it’s known in the industry as a dynamic seating design for local bus and coach operators.”

Image: StyleRide

These four models cover the spectrum of Australia’s bus and coach sector. StyleRide is able to supply fully compliant tested, well designed and ergonomic seats from the largest of coaches through to the smaller minibuses. Allen says StyleRide has focused on improving its ability to provide bespoke seating products that are high quality and incredibly safe.

It’s been a busy 2023 for StyleRide, having refreshed its internal make-up and adjusting to a new facility in Brisbane’s Acacia Ridge. Allen is one of these changes, having quickly learnt about the industry since arriving at the company in 2023.

He was soon joined by Brad Roycroft, formerly from bodybuilder Volgren Australia, as StyleRide’s new production manager. Allen says his arrival has allowed the seating manufacturer to increase its efficiencies.

“Brad’s presence has allowed us to produce more seats on time and to specifications,” Allen says.

“He’s reorganised the production of our seats and the proof is in the pudding.”

The shift internally has allowed StyleRide to free more time and organise its future. Allen, along with Roycroft and general manager Garrin Angel, have been occupied planning for what 2024 will have in store for the evolving Australian seating brand.

“Previously we didn’t have the time to extensively plan our production and sales functions,” Allen says.

“Now, with the injection of experienced people, we are able to instigate and investigate processes in detail to manage aspects of the business moving forward.”

What to look forward to in 2024

With its range of seats only continuing to evolve, StyleRide will head into 2024 looking to emphasise its personal focus with its customers.

“Our goals are to work closely with our clients, such as chassis suppliers, bodybuilders and fleet owners, to keep our relationships as fruitful as ever,” Allen says.

“We’ll listen to what they say regarding their requirements – for example, a lot of it so far has been on the need for lightweight seats for zero-emissions buses – and we’ll develop these innovative seats without sacrificing the quality and strengths that StyleRide is known for.”

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