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Steady deliveries to start the new financial year

The bus and coach industry has followed an incredible end to the financial year with an imposing start in July

While the last financial year ended on a high in June with 134 deliveries, July has gotten the industry off to a hot start in the new financial year.

In July, deliveries maintained as steady as ever in 2023 with the industry registering 110 units delivered for the month.

Starting with the chassis sector, where Volvo stayed on top as a clear winner in July. It more than doubled the next best in the market with 40 deliveries for the month, starting off with a bang ahead of the second place, which was shared between Scania and Yutong with 14 apiece. King Long (11) wasn’t far behind as it had a consistent month, while MAN (seven) and BLK (six) both rose up the leaderboard. In a very even finish, Denning recorded six deliveries and Mercedes-Benz had five, while the final seven units were shared between BCI (two), the returning Challenger (two), newcomer Foton (two) and BusTech Group with the one delivery.

No surprises came in the bodybuilder market, as Volgren once again triumphed in an even market. It had 36 deliveries to improve on its June numbers, staying well ahead of the second placed Yutong (14). Irizar (13) ensured it was not far behind the leaders, while King Long (11) kept its nose ahead of Custom Denning (eight) and BLK (seven). In a diverse mix to finish the market for July, BCI had four deliveries while Marcopolo and BusTech Group both had three apiece, staying clear of the six brands that shared the final 11 deliveries for the month.

When it came to seats, the small market was once again dominated by McConnell. The seating giant backed up its 44 deliveries in June with another 51 in July to start the new financial year firing on all cylinders. Sege continued an impressive year with 22 deliveries while Yutong (14) and King Long (11) stayed ahead of StyleRide (seven). Marcopolo recorded the three units for July, while newcomer Ster registered two deliveries courtesy of Foton’s two hydrogen buses delivered in South Australia in July.

The perennial winner in the air-conditioning game didn’t have it all its way in July, with the gap closing between Thermo King and the rest. Thermo King still ended up taking the honours comfortably with 30 deliveries for July, with Coachair coming hard to finish in second with 20. Cling-Yutong (14) rounded out the top three, staying just clear of Hispacold and Valeo with 13 deliveries apiece. King Long stayed in the double digits with 11 units, with Denso (five), Spheros (three) and MCC (one) wrapping up the market.

The state battle for once didn’t fluctuate in July, with Victoria continuing its winning ways with 28 deliveries in July. It was a tight competition, with WA (25) edging just ahead of New South Wales (24) and Queensland (22) to claim second spot. From there it fell away in an even finish, with all states and territories once again recording deliveries for the month. Tasmania had four units delivered in July, while South Australia and the Northern Territory both had three and the ACT had the single delivery.

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