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Spreading the Royans Coachworks brand at the Expo

Royans Coachworks says it will use the Bus & Coach Expo to spread the awareness of its new brand change

It’s been a busy time recently for Royans Coachworks. Previously known as just Coachworks, the Brisbane based bus and coach specialist was acquired by transport repair specialist Royans, previously known as Truck & Trailer Repairs, in late 2020.

Royans Coachworks branch manager Scott Isaacs says the company will use its first in-person Bus & Coach Expo since the acquisition to spread the news.

“We’re going to have a static display of banners,” Isaacs told ABC. “The biggest objective we’re trying to achieve is letting the industry know we have a national and New Zealand presence of 28 branches that can support the industry.”

Isaacs says his personal goal while at the Expo in October is to introduce the Royans team to the industry while showing the industry that Coachworks is now part of the larger Royans Coachworks branch of vehicle repair services.

Isaacs says he has already began introducing the industry to new members Royans Coachworks in 2022, meaning the Expo is another way of escalating this process.

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“We were lucky enough to have the QBIC Conference this year, where I took some Royans Coachworks members along and showed the industry who Royans Coachworks is,” Isaacs says. “It’s been business as usual as far as our commitment to the bus and coach industry.

“We’re not all of a sudden a truck and trailer service overnight. I want to help the rest of the company provide more services to the industry going forward, so it’s a matter of linking everything together.”

As a family business, Isaacs says Coachworks traditionally struggled to see customers, making this opportunity as Royans Coachworks exciting.

“It’s great value for us in going to the Expo and seeing customers and operators from all over Australia,” Isaacs says. “It’s important to us to get there and get the new brand recognised while supporting the industry.”

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