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Siemens provides e-mobility education at Expo

As a leading technology provider in the electromobility space, Siemens takes a holistic view to the innovation, education and delivery for the industry. The company combines years of know-how, innovative software and high-performance products to continue imparting its e-mobility knowledge on the industry.

Siemens has been an early leader in electric vehicle charging technology, making it a forerunner in the e-mobility space. At the Bus & Coach Expo, it once again showed the chargers that makes Siemens such a valuable partner for operators looking to make the zero-emissions transition.

Siemens says the Expo was the perfect platform to showcase products and solutions that have established themselves at the top of the market in Australia in the past few years. Siemens electric charging infrastructure lead Olivia Laskowski says being able to physically show the industry what Siemens’ products look like is valuable for the future of the e-mobility market.

“People always want to have something tangible in front of them,” Laskowski told ABC. “It allows them to visualise the charger and how it would lay out in their depot. It’s great to show people the reality of how we are helping build a more sustainable future for our customers and societies.”

Front and centre at Siemens’ stand was its popular Sicharge UC 100 charger, which Laskowski says has drummed plenty of interest.

“Our display featured our Siemens utility charging product, ideal for electric bus and truck depots,” Laskowski says. “We have the main charging centre that can have up to five dispensers attached, creating a future-oriented, flexible and scalable system.

“Along with our charging management software Depotfinity, we can illustrate how we provide comprehensive solutions for electrification of bus depots – from the planning and selection of right infrastructure through to digital and connected services for ongoing management and efficiency tracking.”

Siemens’ bus and coach industry message goes further than just its primary charging products. Laskowski says Siemens provides more than just technology to customers. Rather than simply supplying hardware or software products, Siemens can also offer conditioning and maintenance for equipment to help operators understand optimal charging configurations at their site.

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“Factoring in any constraints, such as grid and site power constraints, is a significant benefit to bus operators,” Laskowski says. “We also consider the fleet’s operating timetable to assess how much battery energy each bus consumes and the available time to charge, along with the specifications of their buses.”

Siemens’ knowledge in the e-mobility space is only growing. Laskowski arrived back from a European discovery trip just in time for the Expo. While in Germany and Switzerland, Laskowski says she learnt a lot about the overhead charging installations being rolled out in the European countries.

Siemens’ Olivia Laskowski in front of the Sicharge UC 100 charger

“What I got from my time in Europe is that there are definite applications in Australia for overhead solutions that will become necessary for large scale metropolitan depots,” Laskowski says. “It was great to see them in person and understand how the technology can be applied to Australia.”

Laskowski says she has had many insightful conversations around the future of e-mobility technology while at the Siemens Expo stand. She’s excited to see how the company can continue growing its charger network to bring the latest electrical charging infrastructure to Australian customers.

“Over the past few years, Siemens has a great head start in the market,” Laskowski says. “We have a strong installation base in both Australia and New Zealand that is backed with service and engineering expertise in both countries.

“We look forward to continuing to help customers in the future with both critical conversations at the Expo and with e-mobility technology moving forward.”

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