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Seymour Bus officially unveils first Victorian all-electric bus network

The major project, involving six technology partners, has made Victorian electric bus history

In a major event held at Seymour Bus yesterday, the operator became the first Victorian regional town to open a completely electric local route bus network.

Seymour became the first regional town in Victoria to go with all electric buses, igniting a spark for the first ‘United Nations World Sustainable Transport Day’.

As part of the Victorian government’s Zero Emissions Bus Trial (ZEB), Seymour Passenger Service has celebrated becoming the first regional town in Victoria to operate an all-electric local route bus network.
New Victorian transport minister Gabrielle Williams cut the ribbon at the Seymour Bus depot to commemorate the occasion during one of the Minister’s first official events with her new transport portfolio.

“I’m delighted to be at Seymour to celebrate the success of Victoria’s Zero Emissions Bus trial which is paving the way for more sustainable transport for the state and I congratulate the many businesses and stakeholders who have made this possible,” Williams says.
“Having Seymour as the first regional town in Victoria to go ‘all electric’ with their buses is a feather in the cap of the town and a perfect outcome to highlight in the lead up to World Sustainable transport Day in November.”

Seymour Passenger Services is marking the occasion by igniting the spark with local Seymour schools with an education challenge to engage students in sustainable transport in the lead up to the first United Nations World Sustainable Transport Day on November 26.

Students test their knowledge in sustainable transport with the prize including a depot tour, BBQ – and, of course, a ride in Seymour Passenger Services’ Volvo/Volgren electric bus.

Andrew Chan, Sita Holdings Group general manager and Seymour Passenger Services ZEB lead, attributed the success of the trial to the collaboration of the many stakeholders. “Building an electric bus network is a technology challenge which can only be achieved through the partnership and cooperation of many stakeholders – from the e-charging infrastructure design and construction to the power supply, the bus manufacturer, software companies and many other key stakeholders,” Chan says.

“Like anything worth doing, this has been a complex and challenging process requiring incredible determination, commitment and collaboration across multiple companies. In the process we have all learnt a lot and it has brought out the great character it takes to get things done. I’d like to thank each of the partners involved.”

“In partnership with our project partners, Volvo, Mondo, Sprightly, Volgren, Siemens and EVenergi, we are proud to support our local community to future proof and support our residents with these new renewable energy assets. We would like to thank the fellow ZEB bus participants: CDC Victoria, Kinetic Melbourne, Latrobe Valley Bus Lines, Sunbury Coaches, Transit Systems and Ventura Bus for our shared learning approach and the Department of Transport and Planning for championing this important project.”

Siemens Australia CEO Peter Halliday says the trial has been part of the most significant transition in recent history.

“Possibly the most important part of a pilot is to see how the different players collaborate and work together when the chips are down,” Halliday says.

“Pleasingly, our local and global teams have worked closely and collaboratively on this project with Kastoria Bus Lines (Seymour Passenger Services) and will continue to do so. Andrew Chan has been a positive driving force throughout the process.

“The lessons learnt have been an invaluable part of the process and I’m confident that this team approach will pay dividends for Victoria in the long run.”

Volvo Bus Australia general manager Mitch Peden says the brand pleased to be a lead partner in the project.

“Through the partnership with Volvo Bus, Seymour Passenger Services has delivered the latest technologies into their business to service the Seymour community, along with the latest support and training available to enable the highest possible fleet in-service availability and passenger comfort and safety,” Peden says.

Volgren chief commercial officer Yuri Tessari expressed deep pride in Volgren’s involvement in electrifying public transport in regional areas.

“Witnessing the buses manufactured right here in Victoria make a tangible difference in promoting cleaner and healthier environments for our regional cities is truly heartening,” he says.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our business partners whose contributions have made this remarkable project a reality.”

EVenergi, Sprightly and Mondo also spoke at the event, congratulating Kastoria Bus Lines on the achievement at Seymour.

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