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Sege Seats brings its showroom to Expo

Sege Seats is using a mobile showroom to showcase its latest seat products at the Bus & Coach Expo

Instead of bringing along just a couple of different seating options, Sege will show off its entire show coach display in its mobile showroom.

Sege Seats Asia Pacific director Lance Taskin says the mobile show coach will be the ideal way of showing all Expo visitors just how diverse Sege’s seats can be.

“We’re excited to be able to bring our mobile showroom to put on display,” Taskin told ABC. “In it, we’re going to display different types of materials, such as new seats and other new products we’ve put on the market.”

Inside the showroom will be a unique offering of Sege’s seating options. Taskin says the company’s newest products will be front and centre in the mobile coach, as well as some ongoing products that continue to sell well. Whether it be driver seats, military seats, metro seats or Sege’s newest light electric bus seats, Sege’s range of products is all going to be ready to view in Sydney.

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“Our new driver seats will definitely be on display, including our adjustable electric seats,” Taskin says. “We’ll also have our Sege Passenger 4030 seat there, along with our Swivel 5050 VIP seat and our Passenger 4020F model.”

Taskin says Sege Seats is dying to show the industry what it has been manufacturing over the past few years. Yet the new mobile showroom allows Sege to bring as many seats as it can fit to the Expo, allowing visitors to understand the tailorable nature of Sege’s products.

“With all of our new products now here it’ll be great to show off some of our pieces,” Taskin says. “We’re not necessarily out to sell seats; we’re here to meet and catch up with customers.

“They can then see our mobile show coach and actually visually admire the seats inside a vehicle and have a feel for how Sege Seats works.”

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