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Sege enjoys success with flexible seating options

With its seating models continuing to grow, Sege Seats is enjoying success courtesy of its flexible and tailorable approach to supplying bus and coaching seats

When it comes to the evolving bus and coach seating market, it’s the little things that can make a massive difference. Sege Seats knows this, having factored in a variety of extras into some of its leading seats.

Whether it be the Sege Passenger 4036 model or its 4020F product, Sege Seats’ leading options can be tailored to facilitate and meet any customer needs.

“Seats come as standard and then all of our extras can be added or removed at any time,” Sege Seats managing director Lance Taskin told ABC.

“There’s space for all of this to be installed externally, making it simple to adjust seats to what customers want.”

When it comes to the popular Sege Passenger 4020F model, a variety of options are made available by Sege to add onto the seats for buses and coaches. Starting with either a reclining or fixed backrest, these seats come with internal 3P all-age seat belts and both foldable and central armrests.

For further rests, adjustable head, foot or leg rests are also part of the Sege seating product, with vertical handles, magazine nets and service tables also some of the available extras to add onto the comfortable seat.

With reclining ropes and an isofix part of the add-ons, Sege has a long list of options that can elevate normal bus and coach seats to models that add to the passenger experience.

“Our customers love the flexibility, comfort, safety and appearance of our seats,” Taskin says.

Yet Sege Seats has also put in work to tailor its models to the evolution of technology. On the Sege Passenger 4020F model, operators can include phone holders and USB chargers to ensure devices are kept steady and charged throughout a variety of journeys.

On the similarly popular Sege Passenger 4036 seat, a service table with an iPad slot is also available to take the passenger experience to the next level.

The Passenger 4036 also comes with other extras that differ from the Passenger 4020F. Alongside the collection of rests available on many Sege seats, the Passenger 4036 comes with the option to include pipe armrests, top tethers and intermediate covers.

With lateral seat adjustment also on the cards for certain seats and foldable backrests, the Passenger 4036 provides a different way of tailoring seats to meet operators’ needs.

What to look forward to in 2024

With the two models in the Passenger 4020F and the Passenger 4036 continuing to lead the way for Sege Seats in Australia, the seating brand will continue evolving its models to tailor to Australia’s growing bus and coach market.

Whether it be through new models or features, Taskin says that Sege will never stay still as it continues to push seating technology to the next level.

“We’ll have one seat set to arrive in Australia in a lighter model for electric vehicles,” Taskin says.

“We have taken off some accessories to make the model lighter without changing the seat frame so that it can cater to the electric bus market.”

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