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Scania is running home hot in 2022, providing for an exciting 2023. Once Scania’s latest generation full battery electric bus chassis begin receiving bodies Gurney says his team will be excited to begin the testing phase in South Australia. Alongside this testing stage, to determine suitability for route work in Adelaide, Scania is keen to continue investing in biodiesel for other bus models.

“For a significant reduction in tailpipe emissions, biodiesel is an obvious and real-world ready choice,” Gurney told ABC. “Our electric-hybrid solution also makes sense because there is little or no additional infrastructure required for real-world running.”

Yet Scania expects 2023 to be a defining year for the brand’s battery-electric chassis option.

“Our battery electric bus chassis, in isolation, is capable of showing what a zero emissions future will look like today,” Gurney says.

“But this technology needs to exist as part of an eco-system, one that must be devised, implemented and funded by governments, energy suppliers, public transport bodies and private bus operators, in order to gain the benefit from running on wholly green energy.

“The Scania message is that we have a range of solutions available; let us know what you want.”

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