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Scania receives massive hybrid-electric bus order

The major international hybrid electric-bus order sees Scania expand further into a popular island tourist hotspot

Bus and coach manufacturer Scania has received a large new order for hybrid-electric buses from the Canary Islands based public transport company Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife S.A.U (TITSA).

The Tenerife company has chosen to buy 231 vehicles, including 173 hybrid-electric bus models, giving it one of the largest hybrid fleets of any Spanish or Portuguese public transport provider.

TITSA operates the only public bus service on the island of Tenerife and was already a major Scania customer with more than 60 per cent of its 600 vehicle fleet coming from Scania.

This latest deal will see the company have 291 Scania combination combustion-electric vehicles, allowing TITSA to carry more than 60 million passengers and cover more than 35 million kilometres each year across 180 island bus lines.

The new deal underlines the Tenerife company’s sustainability commitment.

“Scania is the company that could best adapt to our needs,” TITSA technical director Pedro Gómez says.

“We value a combination of different factors: vehicle quality, peace of mind provided by the maintenance contracts, accessibility, personalised and friendly service, and definitely the fuel savings that go along perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and the environment.”

Scania Ibérica bus, engine and sustainability commercial director Alberto Linares praises TITSA’s commitment to sustainable transport.

“Sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and caring for the environment in general are fundamental values at Scania,” Linares says.

“It is extremely satisfying that companies are increasingly taking these aspects into account, and that organisations like TITSA are opting for sustainable transport.

“In this sense, we enjoy having close relationships with our clients, learning about their needs first hand, and offering personalised solutions to lend their business a continuity, while also preserving the environment and contributing to a better future.”

The buses come with a four-year guarantee, while hybrid vehicle batteries have seven year warranties. The buses will be delivered over the next two years, with 135 units being delivered in 2024 and 96 in 2025.

Scania says Castrosua is responsible of the bodywork of all chassis.

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