CDC sees digital improvements

Motorola helps CDC with safety and efficiency

CDC sees digital improvements
The new system is able to integrate communications between the control centre, depots and drivers

ComfortDelGro Cabcharge (CDC) has looked to Motorola Solutions to improve its radio communications systems, resulting in the implementation of Orion Network usage.

The network is powered by digital radio technology developed by Motorola, and is being used to improve safety and efficiency through an advanced two-way radio system.

The infrastructure is able to reach rural areas which might be out of range for a regular CB (Or Citizens band) radio.

The new system is able to integrate communications between the control centre, depots and drivers, creating a system in which visibility of vehicles is constant.

The network has also been extended out of Sydney and NSW, down to Victoria to cover more of CDC’s fleet.

Orion also allows for automated text messaging between drivers and the control centre, which means drivers requiring assistance are not left stranded.

A custom duress alarm also adds to driver safety, transmitting the vehicle’s location to a response team in the event of an emergency.

Operators are able to open a direct audio line with the bus to listen to what is occurring if a duress situation occurs.

For customers, the data collected means traffic situations are more easily anticipated, and buses can be re-routed to stay on schedule.

Mastercom supplied the equipment necessary for the network which Nicholas Yap, deputy CEO of CDC, says ran very smoothly.

"We set down early what we wanted and found we had a shared vision of and similar passion about what communications should be like in the public transport space," he says.

"And we’re very happy.

"Mastercom delivered on the outcome, which was cutting edge initially, and the solution has capacity for the long term."

Hamish Duff, managing director at Mastercom and director of the Orion Network says these systems will be important in maintaining a strong public transport service as passenger numbers become larger.

"Government policy is aimed at increasing public transport patronage, so improved service delivery and customer satisfaction are critical to the success of long term transport planning."

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