Electric bus unveiled

A new electric bus will be unveiled in Melbourne this week by Brighsun

The Brighsun electric bus (ebus) which is able to drive from Melbourne to Sydney on a single charge will be unveiled in Victoria this week.

The launch will show case four prototype full electric buses and present a high range capacity of route service passenger buses as well as touring coaches.

"The technology behind the bus has been in development for four years and came from a desire to deliver clean, green sustainable transport options," says chief executive Allen Saylav.

"We believe this technology could change the face of public transport around the world and with the use of the eVehicle propulsion system which creates long lasting life in vehicles."

The buses run on a high performance lithium ion battery combined with proprietary eMotor, battery management and a regenerative braking system.

There are also benefits with fuel reduction and zero emissions.

The launch will be held at Yuroke, Victoria, on October 30 with international delegates expected to attend.

The buses will then perform a single charge performance drive from Melbourne to Sydney on October 31.

There are also plans to open manufacturing plants for the vehicles across Australia.

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