International partnership

An Australian company has created a partnership with an international brand to enhance products

An Australian GPS technology company has partnered with an international brand to help enhance its products variable on the market.

BIGmate has announced a global partnership with Position Logic (a KORE Wireless Group company) to enhance its Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) offering.

BIGmate managing director Mark Shield says with M2M and IoT still relatively new to Australia, it is important to partner with a company that holds an international reputation to provide the right solutions to the local market.

"We are very excited to be able to partner with experts such as Position Logic to offer leading edge solutions in the ever-growing M2M and IoT sector," he says.

"We will also be able to build on their products to cater to a range of industries, including the transport and logistics sector, which will also enhance our partnership.

"Our customers will now get the world’s best M2M and IoT services, each backed by BIGmate’s decade of experience in Australian logistics and telematics."

BIGmate has innovated in the telematics field for over ten years and has seen the move towards M2M and IoT gaining momentum, according to Shield.

"While not a new concept, the use of M2M and IoT is increasingly being explored by businesses in Australia as a measurement and management tool," he says.

"Our philosophy is to provide the most appropriate technology in the market, such as that provided by Position Logic, with our decade-long, on-the-ground experience for the best solutions for our clients."

BIGmate head of transport Rohan De Silva says the keys to optimising M2M and IoT tech are standardisation and interoperability.

 "The capacity of M2M and IoT tech to ‘capture enormous amounts of intelligence’ will change the face of transport logistics," says De Silva.

"As an end-to-end solution, it can be a very powerful management tool to create efficiencies and provide better use of data provided the heightened connectivity is utilised properly.

"There’s a degree of education in IoT, but the key message from BIGmate is that this is space we can comfortably navigate for clients."

Other BIGmate global telematics partners include KORE, SkyWave, Sierra Wireless, Cal Amp and Black Box Control.

KORE EVP of advanced applications Felix Lluberes says the company is excited with the way in which BIGmate is leveraging their cutting-edge technology to build end-to-end solutions that power the transport and logistics sector throughout Australia.

"Position Logic is the world’s leading GPS-enabling and location-based services platform and we look forward to supporting the success that BIGMate will be able to realize throughout the region," he says.

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