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Premier Transport Group switch to electric fleet after efficiency testing

The switch to electric and hydrogen buses was influenced by rigorous testing and simulations

Testing undergone by Premier Transport Group has shown that electric and hydrogen vehicles outperform diesel in terms of efficiency, emissions reduction and overall performance.

The project compared the performance and efficiency of three different types of fuel used in vehicles; diesel, hydrogen and electric using various tests and simulations to determine which fuel source would provide better results.

Premier Transport Group director John King says ‘data is king’ and these results informed their transition decision.

“After years of rigorous testing and data collection, the results are in,” King says.

“The data shows that electric vehicles (Electric and Hydrogen) outperformed diesel in terms of efficiency, emissions reduction, and overall performance.

“The team was thrilled to see the positive impact that electric vehicles could have on their operations and the environment.”

Following the announcement of results, King took to Linkedin to announce Premier would be transitioning its fleet to electric and hydrogen.

“The team’s hard work and dedication has paid off, proving that data truly is king when it comes to making informed decisions and driving success and the future.”

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