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October deliveries rise again

It’s already been a successful 2022 for many manufacturers, but October’s figures saw deliveries rise yet again

The bus and coach industry’s bumper year is extending into the final months of 2022, with sales for October coming close to yet again breaching the triple-figures mark.

After September finished with 89 deliveries, October has risen by eight to record 97 deliveries in the industry.

When it came to chassis, Volvo once again emerged as the market leader with 27 chassis delivered for the month. Scania improved on its September sales by seven after delivering 24 chassis in October, while Yutong remained close behind with an improved 21 deliveries. There was daylight behind the top three, with I-Bus and Mercedes-Benz (5 each) falling behind the leading pack, while BCI (4) closely followed. In an even share of the final 11 deliveries, MAN and King Long both registered three deliveries, while BLK Auto recorded two to finish one ahead of Challenger Bus & Coach, BYD and Bustech Group.

There were no surprises in the bodybuilder section, as Volgren yet again emerged at the top of the pack with a consistent 27 deliveries for October, 10 behind of its September efforts. Yutong made a massive leap from its two bodies delivered last month, finishing with 21 units for October to sit a clear second. Irizar came next with 11 deliveries in a fine improvement for the month, while Marcopolo and Bustech Group couldn’t be separated with six bodies delivered apiece. I-Bus (5) remained consistent, while Coach Concepts rose to meet the dropping BCI with four deliveries each. Scania and King Long both recorded the three deliveries as five companies split the final seven deliveries for October.

When looking at the air-conditioning market, Thermo King remained the leader in the space. After reaching a milestone with 50 deliveries in September, it remained consistent with 33 recorded in October. Clint-Yutong rose dramatically from two deliveries in September to 21 in October to snatch second place, while Hispacold increased its deliveries in October to round out the top three with 15 units delivered. Spheros (9) tripled its September efforts, while new player Songz once again returned to the list with five deliveries in October. MCC rose to four deliveries, with Coachair, King Long and Konvecta all registering the three units delivered apiece to lead Valeo (1). 

The state-based competition for deliveries took a turn in October, with Victoria usurping Western Australia to lead with 37 deliveries, or 39 per cent, last month. WA remained not far behind with 28 deliveries for October, while Queensland increased its September deliveries with 18 units. South Australia also rose from five deliveries to eight in October, with New South Wales dropping down to five. Northern Territory rounded out the market with its first delivery for quite some time, courtesy of a King Long delivery.

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