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NSW Opposition calls for honesty on Sydney bus service cuts

The NSW shadow transport minister says funding and honesty are needed to help commuters handle bus service cuts

The NSW Opposition is calling on the state government to be honest about the level of service cuts that Sydney commuters can expect across the bus network ahead of the opening of the Metro City line this year.

The NSW Liberal party says media reports have outlined potential cuts to bus services and that it’s critical for commuters to be provided clarity on what level of service they can expect in the coming months.

“This government’s cycle of reviews has now proven to be farce – the bus industry requested funding to support commuters, and instead the government is beginning to cut services,” NSW shadow transport minister Natalie Ward says.

“The number one transport issue in Sydney currently is getting a reliable bus service. I don’t understand why the government would be cutting services.

“There’s been no consultation and it’s only the beginning – the next cuts will be to your local bus route.”

Ward says cuts to bus services follow the state government receiving the final Bus Industry Taskforce report in February this year, which requested more than $1 billion over the next three years to service the network.

Currently, the NSW Liberals say there’s been no new funding provided to meet the recommendation or any others relating to Greater Sydney bus services.

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