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NSW government announces cheaper PT for Friday travel

The NSW government has capped bus and public transport travel for Sydney commuters on Fridays

The NSW government has announced that public transport passengers will now enjoy savings when travelling on Fridays, with prices now matching the discounted weekend fares.

As part of the Opal changes that have come into effect, Friday fares are now slashed by 30 per cent on all metro, train, bus and light rail services across the entire network.

This means a Friday train ride from Parramatta to Central drops from $5.72 to $4.

The Friday travel cap will also be halved, meaning passengers can have unlimited travel on Friday for no more than $8.90, and $4.45 for child/youth and concession passengers. Seniors can still access their $2.50 maximum daily fare.

The government says the new discount is being applauded by Sydney’s business community, with hopes it will encourage people to visit the CBD on Fridays for work, food and drink, shopping and socialising.

“Fairer fare Fridays start now, meaning every weekend will be a long weekend for passengers on the Opal network,” NSW transport minister Jo Haylen says.

“Last month there was an average of half a million trips into Sydney’s CBD on Fridays, down 25 per cent on pre-pandemic patronage. We want to see that number grow to enliven our city and deliver a bump to businesses that have been calling for help.

“This this will benefit the 1.9 million commuters who travel across our network on Fridays. With this discount, we hope to see even more passengers tapping into cheaper fares and making public transport their mode of choice.

“No matter where you’re coming from or going to, from Newcastle to the South Coast or Blue Mountains, your travel on the Opal network will be capped at $8.90.”

The latest Opal data shows last month there was an average of 480,000 trips into Sydney’s CBD on Fridays across all modes.

Cheaper Fridays are available to all Opal passengers across the network. Daily fare caps will automatically be applied. Passengers using a contactless card or device to pay their fare are reminded to always tap on and tap off with the same card or device for each trip to ensure they unlock the $8.90 all-day travel cap as well as other Opal benefits like transfer discounts.

“This is a great initiative which will provide a much-needed boost for businesses, by encouraging more people to work from the office and kick their weekend off in the CBD,” NSW small business minister Steve Kamper says.

“We want to see Sydney at its vibrant best, and to do that we need to have the customer base to support our fantastic hospitality, retail and tourism businesses.”

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