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NSW completes roll out of defibrillators on TrainLink coaches

The NSW government has combined with St John Ambulance NSW to complete the roll out of AEDs on TrainLink coach services

The NSW government has revealed that its TrainLink coach defibrillator instalment process has been completed.

Following a successful trial of Automated External Defibillators (AEDs) in 2023, the NSW government has completed a full roll out of the technology onboard all 143 TrainLink state-wide routes.

The instalment will allow regional passengers to have easier access to life-saving healthcare on NSW TrainLink coach scheduled services for the first time.

The roll out was completed in partnership with St John Ambulance NSW, with the defibrillators on the TrainLink coaches able to be safely used by anyone without need for any prior training.

In remote parts of NSW where mobile blackspot areas pose the risk of longer emergency response times, NSW regional transport and roads minister Jenny Aitchison says access to AEDs is especially important and can mean the difference between life and death.

“About 30,000 people in Australia have a sudden cardiac arrest each year and only one in 10 survive,” Aitchison says.

Image: NSW government

“We know using a defibrillator can improve a person’s chance of survival by up to 70 per cent and having these devices on NSW TrainLink coaches means passengers experiencing a cardiac arrest on board can now be treated quickly.

“This NSW government initiative could save countless lives and will provide peace of mind for passengers using critical public transport services in areas where they might be very far away from medical attention.”

St John Ambulance NSW CEO Dominic Teakle says the company is delighted to see the program expand, particularly in regional and remote areas.

“We know more lives can be saved by improving public access to AEDs in our communities and making sure people feel empowered to use one in an emergency,” Teakle says.

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