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For Nexport, 2023 will give the brand a chance to continue promoting its new range of buses. The completely new second generation fleet will take off in the local market, with Nexport looking to roll out the four unique bus options onto Australian roads. It may not be the first time Nexport has introduced an electric bus to the country, but it still makes for exciting times.

“It’s really exciting because we’re doing things that no one else is doing yet in the market,” Fisher told ABC. “A lot of people in the industry think this technology is still new and worry about the testing phase. We’re here to prove this is now no longer a risk.”

Fisher says Nexport is a zero-emissions bus brand. This means it isn’t just limiting its horizons to battery electric models. Currently the company may be focusing on electric vehicles, but Fisher says hydrogen fuel cell technology is definitely front and centre in Nexport’s thinking.

“Right now, when looking at approaches to city and metro applications, electric is the best option,” Fisher says. “When we have the opportunity to look at rural, country and long distance needs, then we will of course also look at hydrogen models.”

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