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Nexport launches new zero-emissions solutions brand

Nexport has delved deeper into zero-emissions solutions for customers as it looks to become an agnostic brand

Zero-emissions heavy vehicle company Nexport has announced the launch of its latest brand GoZero which will help the transition to net zero emissions.

The new market offering will ensure Nexport remains an assembler, manufacturer and importer of passenger vehicles and will continue engineering market leading transport solutions for the Australian market.

GoZero is a completely vendor agnostic integrator of zero-emissions solutions assisting transport companies and operators in pursuing a zero-emissions offering.

GoZero’s all-encompassing offering will include assets, infrastructure and applications which will allow transport companies to make a seamless transition to zero emission operations.

Nexport says GoZero has been established to capitalise on the Australian transport industry’s ongoing revolution. Soaring inflation, increasing fuel costs and a global drive towards reducing toxic emissions are continuing to highlight the need for businesses to advance towards zero-emissions solutions and benefit from significantly reduced operating costs, increased efficiency and better competitive positioning.

“Combining the necessary assets, infrastructure and applications into the right set of solutions for transport companies can be daunting, requires technical expertise and deep operational understanding,” Nexport says.

“There is no one size fits all solution as each customer brings their own set of unique capabilities and there is no one partner that can do every part of the solution from operational analysis, energy analysis, civil works, asset design, charging infrastructure design, project implementation, change management and training.

Unlike many system integrators, GoZero is truly vendor and partner agnostic. The group recognise that transport companies have longstanding partnerships, shareholder expectations and business preferences.”

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