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Newcastle Transport begins journey with first electric bus

Newcastle Transport begins an exciting electric journey, with Keolis Downer helping launch the area’s first electric bus

Newcastle Transport has today began an exciting journey of energy transition with its first zero-emissions bus hitting the road.

The electric bus will be run by operator Keolis Downer. Keolis Downer Hunter general manager Emmanuel Genlot says it’s great to see zero-emissions technology on the road from today in Newcastle.

“You will see the zero emission bus looks very similar to the buses already on the road, but customers and the community will notice some differences,” Genlot says.

“Customers will notice a quieter and smoother ride, while the community will benefit from reduced emissions and better air quality,

“With zero emission buses now on Newcastle and Lake Macquarie roads, it will further promote the benefits of public transport and give Novocastrians another reason to leave the car at home and get onboard.”

“Keolis Downer is proud to partner with Transport for New South Wales to transition Newcastle to a zero emission public transport future.”

NSW transport and roads minister David Elliott says the bus will be the first permanent electric model introduced in regional and outer metropolitan NSW in a bid to support Transport for NSW’s energy transition.

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“The NSW government is committed to transitioning its diesel buses to zero emission technology and this is only the start for regional and outer metropolitan NSW,” Elliott says.

“Electric buses will deliver a more sustainable transport option for the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie communities and will further encourage people to make the switch to public transport.” 


Keolis Downer Hunter bus operator Paul Picton says it’s exciting to see new technology hit the transport industry.

“Customers will enjoy the difference on board the zero emission bus, in particular a more comfortable ride, due to the absence of engine and exhaust noise,” Picton says.

Newcastle Transport will launch another two zero emission buses in the coming weeks.

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