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New ISRI seats build on innovation

ISRI’s latest Isringhausen seat model builds on a legacy of high quality safety and comfort in bus and coach seats

ISRI’s latest Isringhausen seat model builds on a legacy of high quality safety and comfort in bus and coach seats.

With an extensive history of supplying German company Isringhausen seats to the Australian market, ISRI is progressing forward in its seating technology.

When Isringhausen released its new NTS2 seat in Europe around five years ago, ISRI worked quickly to introduce the model to Australia. Roughly three years ago, ISRI got its wish.

“When we saw the NTS2 product released in Europe and other plants, we moved forward to bring this to Australia,” ISRI Australia general manager Ashley Thomas told ABC.

“Although the NTS1 has served us very well, the next step was to introduce this new design and platform to local operators.”

The NTS2 comes with new key features that have been added as standard equipment to the incumbent design. Thomas says the NTS2 has optional safety systems such as Lane Guard warning and seat detection monitors to keep safety at the forefront of ISRI’s product range.

These additions join ISRI’s already built in three-point integrated seatbelt system and optional contact switches to create plenty of options to offer local bus operators in Australia.

“This warning system connects with the chassis’ system within the bus and you have the ability to select optional swivel, heating, cooling and even ventilation for the seats,” Thomas says.

“All of these safety features, including occupancy warnings with seatbelts, are key to our NTS2 platform.”

The NTS2 range is diverse, including unique seated cushion foam and breathable seat fabric that are an improvement on recent seat comfort developments.

While it is available in different forms across the truck and transport industry, Thomas says the NTS2 seat is perfect for buses.

“This goes to show that we’re not sitting still in terms of development and that we continually look at developing new product ranges,” Thomas says.

“We like listening to the industry and developing seats that suit platforms. We’ve just reached 29 years in Australia and will continue pushing forward with seats like the NTS2 model.” 

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