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New enterprise agreement to boost Canberra weekend services

More weekend bus services in Canberra are set to be delivered with a new enterprise bargaining agreement between the ACT government and Transport Canberra

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government has announced a new enterprise bargaining agreement for Transport Canberra drivers and workshop staff to help increase scheduled Saturday afternoon bus services in the territory. 

Transport Canberra staff have agreed to new incentives for permanent bus drivers working weekend shifts, while a new clause also commits to the further exploration of rosters during the term of the agreement. 

The ACT government says that a ballot posted to 67 per cent of Transport Canberra staff positively supported the new agreement, with 95 per cent voting in favour of it. 

“Transport Canberra’s extensive recruitment effort now means bus operators are above establishment numbers,” ACT transport minister Chris Steel says.  

“Combined with the new incentives in the agreement, we now have confidence that more weekend services on Saturdays can be delivered reliably. 

“There has been a significant increase in the use of weekend public transport services by Canberra residents. 

“Transport Canberra will now prepare a new weekend timetable to begin in April of this year, focusing on more frequent route bus services on Saturday afternoons to meet the demand.” 

Steel says that a new electric vehicle (EV) technology allowance has also been added to the agreement and is intended to be paid to Transport Canberra’s maintenance staff in recognition of its efforts in helping keep EVs in its fleet operational. 

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