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NEC provides Kastoria Bus Lines intelligence for Victoria Bus Plan

The new push to talk technology is helping bring Kastoria Bus Lines’ fleet into the 21st century

NEC Australia’s latest addition to its Smart Mobility Platform has helped advance Kastoria Bus Lines operations and workshop support through communication and operational intelligence.

Kastoria services Melbourne’s north-western suburbs and has implemented the new integrated Push to Talk voice communications service to improve communication and real-time data across its fleet.

This move has helped ensure Kastoria is aligning its buses and operations with the Victorian government’s vision for safe, efficient and smart travel in its Victoria Bus Plan.

The technology is now part of Kastoria’s 170 buses it operates across its networks.

NEC says some benefits of this new communication technology includes customer satisfaction, easy driver communications, one touch duress functions and on-time running data services.

NEC says it also is easy to install by a bus manufacturer and can result in a better work environment for drivers, with Kastoria Bus Lines general manager Andrew Chan saying the technology has brought Kastoria’s fleet into the 21st century.

“Kastoria has taken one step forward into a brighter future by partnering with NEC Australia since early 2022 and installing the PTToC technology in March 2023,” Chan says.

“Our decision to work with NEC Australia is a demonstration of best practice bus operations and aligns with the government’s vision for safe, efficient and smarter travel for our passengers and the broader community.”

NEC Australia’s Head of Smart Ticketing and Maas Solutions Mark Messenger says the PTToC technology is delivering positive outcomes for both the organisation and its bus passengers.

“This partnership with Kastoria Bus Lines celebrates the Victorian government’s emphasis on creating smarter transport solutions, and faster and more reliable networks,” Messenger says.

“We are thrilled with the benefits Kastoria is experiencing across its network. The PTToC technology is a helping create cleaner fleets that prioritise the customer experience, while delivering better value for money for the organisation.”

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